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Butterfly valves


The butterfly valves can regulate the flow of the fluid by means of a shovel or disc called “butterfly”, they are used in neutral, mud, sanitary or corrosive fluids depending on the material of the parts that compose it (body, disc, shaft and seat). Butterfly valves are not recommended for transporting liquids with solids suspension, since these would hinder the complete closing of the valve, compromising its sealing. Butterfly valves usually open and close through their central axis, however, there are designs that resort to 2, 3 or up to four eccentricities in order to obtain the perfect seal in conditions where it is required to compensate for high pressure and extreme temperature.

Butterfly valves are coupled to systems through wafer, lug, “double flange” or “clamp” connections, the small space they occupy thanks to their design compared to other valves make the butterfly valve an option very versatile.