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Metal and plastic pipes


Metal and plastic pipes


Teflon lined pipes

Teflon-coated pipes, DIN / ANSI measurements, made with a cutting-edge machining process that ensures that the couplings are parallel, the thickness of PTFE constant and its total adhesion. In this way, PTFE, even after years of useful life, is not subject to any tension at all. The flanges, one free and the other fixed, contribute to the easy installation of all Diflon tubes and accessories. Standard thicknesses ranging from a minimum of 3 mm to a maximum of 7 mm, these thicknesses, in addition to allowing vacuum service, are among the highest in the PTFE coated pipe market. We offer a wide range of products, which is not limited to straight PTFElined pipes and fittings, but also includes everything related to the installation (gaskets, bellows, hoses, pressure connections, sensors, tanks, columns, etc.). )..

Metal pipes

Stainless steel

Materials: AISI-304/304-L, 316/316-L, duplex. Standard length of the bars: 6000 mm. Manufacturing thickness: 0.80 / 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 2 / 2.5 / 2.6 / 3 / 3.2 / 3.6 / 4/5/6 (according to diameters).

Other lengths, thicknesses, qualities or special characteristics under special order.

Manufacturing standard: EN 10253-3 / EN 10253-4.

Types of piping available: Millimeter welded / stainless steel tubes. Stainless square / rectangular welded tubes. Stainless steel ASTM welded pipes. Welded pharmaceutical division and food tubes stainless. Stainless ASTM seamless pipes. Tubes for fast pressing and accessories.

Tecnic plastics

Pipes with a great chemical resistance according to materials. Connections: Glue or solder. Working pressure: From 2.5 bar to 16 bar. Length of the bars: From 3m. up to 12 m according to diameters. Outside diameter: From 10 mm. up to 1600 mm. Materials: PVC, PVC-C, PP, PEHD-100 (Suitable for food use), PEHD-80 (Suitable for food use), PVDF, NYLON. Regulations: PP (DIN 8077), HDPE (UNE-EN 12201, DIN 8074 DIN EN ISO 15494). Options: Manufacture on request of double pipe with possibility of pipes with mixed materials.


High resistance to the corrosion. Small load losses, due to a smooth interior surface. Due to its high thermal conductivity it is the ideal material for installations based on alternative energies (solar, biomass, thermal and geothermal) Resistance to fire: copper does not burn, it resists high temperatures without melting and does not give off toxic gases. The copper tube according to the Euroclases European system is: “A1” (meets the required requirements – non-flammable – without the need for tests) No external propagation or fire penetration. Diameters: From 5 mm to 135 mm. Thickness: From 0.5 mm to 10 mm. Technical regulations: UNE-EN 1057. Options: Degreased, PVC coated.

Carbon steel

Materials: S195T (1.0026). Standard length of the bars: 6 m. (Welded pipe), from 4 to 8 m. (Seamless pipe). Tolerances: According to the standard. Finish: The tubes are supplied in black or galvanized (EN ISO 1461 and EN 10240), with smooth ends, threaded (EN 10226-1) or grooved. Other lengths, qualities or special features on request. Firefighting: Material painted in a 5-stage tunnel (degreasing, rinsing, phosphating, rinsing and passivating with demineralized water). Red finish RAL 3000.

Types of pipe available: Welded steel pipes for pipes EN 10255 (ISO65, DIN 2440). Seamless carbon steel pipes: EN 10255 (DIN 2440, DIN2441). Welded pipes EN 10217-1 (DIN2458 / DIN1626). Seamless tubes: EN 10216-1 (DIN 2448 / DIN 1626). Heat resistant seamless pipes: EN 10216-2 (DIN 17175). Welded steel tubes, cold drawn: EN 10305-2 (DIN 2393) and without welding: EN 10305-1 (DIN 2391). Welded round tube, cold calibrated EN10305-3 (DIN 2394). Square and rectangular welded tube: EN 10305-5 (DIN 2395). ASTM, A53 and A106 seamless steel tube. Welded and seamless steel tubes for API 5L conduits..

Finned tubes

Materials: Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Copper. Diameter: 3/8 “to 3”. Length: max. 4 m. Types of fin: Smooth or wrinkled. Fin passage: 4 – 20. Connections: Smooth, threaded ends, flanges. Finish: Black or galvanized.

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