Maintenance and repair of industrial valves and accessories
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Maintenance and repair of valves


Maintenance and repair of valves


We have equipment, tools, personnel and physical space necessary to apply Repair Services of all types of valves and vehicular pumps as well as calibration of measuring devices such as pressure gauges, flow meters …

The process is verified by the Quality Control Department and approved once it has passed with total satisfaction the evaluations made in the Test Bank.

Valve repair involves much more than cleaning and repainting, it is a process by which valves are rebuilt to achieve performance characteristics equal to those of a new valve. Another major reason to repair valves is the saving of time and money, since the average cost of maintenance is 65% less than the price of a new valve and the delivery time varies between one to two weeks.

All the valves are subjected to several inspections verified by the Quality Control Department, being duly approved those that pass the tests carried out, to then issue the corresponding Quality Certificate and Warranty.

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