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Sales policy

I General:

1.- Except for modifications or derogations agreed in writing, any order shall conform to the following general conditions of sale.
2.- The catalogs, rates, budgets and other documentation, flow rates, etc., are for informational purposes only and do not constitute any commitment on our part and may be modified or deleted at any time without prior notice.
3.- Under the same conditions, we reserve at any time the right to vary our fabrications and assemblies, designs, paths, components, etc., when circumstances advise us, even if there are previous supplies, which may not be presented as background.

II Offers

1.- All our offers are subject to our subsequent written acceptance of the corresponding order.

III Orders

1.- When placing the order, which will be made in writing (letter, email, telex or fax) should be detailed:
a) Explicit and concise definition of the product.
b) The code number (GRM) or default model number.
e) Type and size of connection.
d) Material.
e) Service conditions (fluid, pressure, temperature, etc.).
f) How many specifications are deemed appropriate for product determination
2.- For the sole fact of the order, whether firm, consignment or sample, the customer recognizes our general conditions of sale and accepts them.
3.- Any condition consigned by the buyer in his order, which does not conform to our general conditions of sale, will be considered void.
4.- Only our order acknowledgment constitutes a commitment to supply.

IV Cancellation of orders

1.- GRM reserves the right to cancel orders pending delivery, without incurring any obligation of compensation in the following cases:
a) When at our discretion the buyer has totally or partially breached previous contracts.
b) If our technical processes, supply, experience, advise to withdraw from
the making. In such cases GRM would notify the customer in writing the cancellation of the order.
2.- Orders for special products or abnormal quantities cannot be canceled, nor are variations accepted in previously agreed specifications, shipping point, delivery times, etc., unless GRM is compensated for any expenses, damages or damages are caused or caused.

a) Any special material order that exceeds the 30-day delivery period from the date of the customer’s order will be considered. All special orders require a 50% payment in advance with the purchase order.

V Delivery times

1.- With regard to the products available in our warehouses, delivery will be made when the order is accepted and by your written confirmation order.
2.- The material available or in immediate mounting conditions will be supplied the day after the date of receipt of the order.
3.- Regarding those that we do not have available in our warehouses or are special fabrications, we will indicate in our acknowledgments of the corresponding orders, deadlines for purely indicative purposes, which will be subject to cases of force majeure, such as strikes, lockouts , fires, floods, accidents, delays in the period assigned by our suppliers, government actions or impositions, denial of import license and other circumstances beyond our control. Therefore, its non-compliance does not entitle the cancellation, nor can it give rise to any responsibility on our part, or consequently give rise to the payment of compensation, for the damages or losses that could have been waived by the buyer.
4.- We reserve the right to carry out partial deliveries on account of the order.

VI Expeditions

1.- The delivery of the merchandise is understood to have been made in our Ruby workshop, ceasing our responsibility for it at the time we make it available to the carrier.
2.- We do not assume the transport risks, which will be fully borne by the buyer, even when the damages and damages caused during the same are due to fortuitous event or force majeure, extending the aforementioned, to the assumptions of consignment shipments and in those of samples, tools, materials and equipment for assemblies, assists or repairs.
3.- Unless specific notice the goods will be sent by the means of transport that we freely choose and at the buyer’s risk and expense.
4.- The fact that we hire the transport of the goods, or a assembly or work on site, will not imply acceptance by us of the aforementioned risks.
All the previous paragraphs of this section are also valid for these cases.

VII Packaging

1.- If deemed necessary the goods will be packed on behalf of the customer
2.- The cost of the packaging, for the national market, is not included in the price of the goods and will be our responsibility.
3.- Under no circumstances may we be required to pay all or part of the packages eventually returned.
4.- Shipping weights are approximate and are based on the product design.


 VIII Prices

1.- Our prices are established according to the costs of labor, materials and transport, tariff, customs, currency exchange, etc., in force at the time of making our offer, so we reserve the right to readjust it in case that any of the aforementioned factors suffer alteration during the lapse between our offer and our order confirmation.
2.- The prices of our rates are for the “standard” products encoded in them, subject to our usual material checks, quality controls and certifications.
3.- Any request for special products in design, material, etc., or that require an inspection on behalf of the client with special certifications, must be offered or discussed in each case.
4.- Prices are for material packed and put in our workshop in Rubí (Spain), traveling the products at the customer’s expense and risk.
5.- All prices, in general, can be modified without any obligation on our part to notify you previously.
6.- Price changes will not affect orders pending delivery.
7.- The prices not indicated in the rates or budgets, are billed freely, and the prices registered in invoices or quotes cannot be admitted as valid.

IX Payment Method

1.- If not indicated otherwise and in writing, the payment will be understood as a maximum of 30 days invoice date.
If they are buyers whose credit is not open, the payment will be in cash, and may even require a partial advance. If the payment is split, the non-payment of an expiration will give up the others, and GRM may choose between demanding the immediate payment of the balance by the client, or recovering the merchandise without the need for judicial intervention.
The delay in the payment of any term, without prejudice to the aforementioned, will entail a monthly surcharge of 2%, always calculated from the date of the first expiration until that of its subsequent liquidation, plus the costs of return and processing.
It will not justify the delay in the payment of the deadlines, the claims that the buyer may make in relation to the purchased material.
2.- All expenses resulting from the deferment of a payment will be paid by the

X Domain Reservation

l.- The materials are always the property of GRM until the buyer has not paid the entire amount of its value, being prohibited any pledge or sale. In any case of suspension of payments, bankruptcy, removes and waits or bankruptcy, the buyer is required to record the express reservation of ownership of materials that were not paid in full; in the case of seizure of said materials by any creditor of the buyer, the latter is obliged to put it in the knowledge of GRM and to state in the diligence that is practiced, the express condition of assets in reserve of ownership.


XI Guarantees

1.- GRM guarantees its products against manufacturing defects, provided that the payment conditions have been previously met, and if they are used for the purposes that have been manufactured and sold.
2.- GRM guarantees the material against all defects for a period of 3 years and the maintenance for 10 years of the relevant spare parts. In the case of a claim and if the problem manifests itself during the first 6 months from the delivery of the good, it is presumed that it is an original defect. If the problem manifests itself after 6 months, GRM can demand that it be shown that the fault existed originally. The warranty covers manufacturing defects.
In any case, GRM is only responsible for faults that affect the material
provided by her, but never of the defects or damages that the deficient
operation of such materials may cause installations, machines or
circuits where they were installed, even in the case of accidents
or reduction in production. GRM does not accept any claim for damages
for whatever cause.
The guarantee does not cover breakdowns caused by wear, improper handling or improper working conditions, as well as having been disassembled the device or materials presenting or not showing signs of it.
3.- All round-trip transportation costs, route hours, accommodations and trips will always be paid by the customer.
4.- In the case of components from another source, the guarantee will be that granted by their manufacturers.
5.- This warranty is void and will not have any effect or value, if the guaranteed product has been modified regardless of whether or not the modification contributes to the defect or damage of the product.
6.- Any modification of the product is understood to be made under the responsibility and risk of the client, except if it has a written consent from GRM.
7.- The buyer is obliged to indemnify GRM and release him from any responsibility, in the event that said modified product causes any material or personal damage.
8.- Any buyer who modifies a GRM product and resells it is obliged to notify its customer that GRM does not guarantee or replace the product in question.
9.- GRM reserves as many legal occasions as possible, including claims for lost profits and damages, to customers who modify, in whole or in part, their products.

XII Claims

1.- Any claim to GRM for failure to send, error or with respect to our products, must be made by the client using this form and within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of shipment of the material.
2.- GRM will not make any repair, exchange or reimbursement to the customer, if it does not accompany the claim for defects, a certificate certifying that said product or part thereof, was issued in a period of less than 6 months.
3.- GRM may require the buyer to examine the merchandise at the time of receipt and agree on quantity and quality, in this case the application is provided for in article 336 of the Spanish Commercial Code.
4.- In the event that the material has been projected by drawing, model or instructions of the buyer, we are exempt from liability if we violate patents or Industrial Property rights, and in case of third party claims the buyer will be exclusively responsible.

XIII Returns

1.- Returns will not be accepted, without prior written consultation to GRM, who will transmit the corresponding written authorization if applicable, which must be accompanied when returning the material.
2.- Only new, unused material of current manufacture will be admitted and must not have undergone any modification.
3.- Returns of products that have been manufactured especially for the customer, or that have been subject to special quality certification will not be accepted.
4.- A 10% reduction in the price of the material to be returned will be established, in order to compensate for the expenses of reception, verification and testing, according to the current rate.
5.- A 30% reduction in the price of the material to be returned will be established, in the case of Safety Valves, in order to compensate for the costs of assembly, testing, dispatch, reception, disassembly and traceability.
6.- In no case will transport costs be borne by us.

XIV Jurisdiction

l.- All the divergences that may arise in the interpretation of these conditions of sale will be submitted to arbitration, as an essential prior procedure to the judicial process and, in case of dispute, both the buyer and the supplier, explicitly accept their submission to the Courts and Tribunals of Terrassa and their superior hierarchies and will be judged in accordance with Spanish laws.
With express resignation to the own jurisdiction, in case of being another.
Likewise, for all issues that may occur, arising from the total or partial non-payment of our invoices, for the purposes of jurisdiction they will also be subject to the courts of Terrassa and in accordance with Spanish laws.

XV Consignment material

1.- GRM reserves the right to assign in consignment, all the material it deems appropriate.
2.- After the time that GRM estimates, it may require the return of the material, being borne by the client the costs of verification and recycling.
3.- If the client decides to acquire the material that he has in consignment, he will be invoiced applying the prices of the current rate.

XVI Repairs

1.- Indicate in a very visible way, if there is any suspicion that there are still remains of the fluid inside and if it is harmful. Help prevent any accident!
2.- Attach the repair request to the valve.
3.- Shipments will be made to our workshop in Rubí (Barcelona-Spain) with paid postage, otherwise they will not be accepted.
4.- Repairs at the request of the client can be budgeted, orientatively by our technicians, but subject to possible imponderables when proceeding to disassembly.
5.- The repair will be returned due postage, attaching the defective materials

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