Accesorios para vapor GRM Válvulas e instrumentación
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Steam traps

Boiler blowdown

Boiler level indicators

Steam accesories


There are available many steam accesories that sure will suit your needs:
Steam traps, using thermostatic and thermodynamic forces, they remove condensed steam. Worth on increasing temperature processes, steam pipes, ironers, laundering, dry cleaning, supplies and condensate traps… Our models works under differential pressures from 0,1 bar up to 140 and unloading capacity up to 140.000 kg/h.
Boiler blow down, removes chemical substances that would damage the boiler and allow a balanced chemical environment without decreasing the boilers performance.
Boiler level indicator enables to see the boilers liquid level by cameras or mirror system.

Materials: Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminic bronze, bronze, zinc plated steel.