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Special executions

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Special executions


For those requirements that go beyond the standards we have been incorporating a series of special executions to respond to the individual needs of customers and to be able to provide numerous innovative product solutions.
Ask a request without compromise.

Sampling valve

Body: Stainless steel. Seal: PTFE. Connections: BSP thread, NPT thread. Output: DIN or ANSI flange, GL45 thread, secondary safety valve, bottle outlet. Max. Temperature Working time: 250ºC. Options: Flange connection tank bottom, safety box for the output, neumic actuator, connection for cleaning.

PTFE / PFA Lined sampling system

The DIFLON sampling system allows fluid samples to be taken in chemical and pharmaceutical environments without risk for the operators and without stopping the production process. Resistant to the most aggressive chemicals.

Lining of tanks with PTFE

Coating of columns, tanks and special pieces in PTFE, PFA and ETFE. All metal parts are made in our workshops and, if estimated, with certification in accordance with directive 97/23 / CE. The thickness of the PTFE can vary from 3 to 5 mmm on request.

Special materials

For fluids and special working conditions that require special materials that conventional materials can not provide. We have a wide range of materials to be able to adapt to the most demanding of the productive environments with a range of materials such as: Duplex, Superduplex, Monel, Alloy 20, Hasteloy C, LCC, CF3M (316L), CF8C.

Heating chambers

We manufacture heating chambers for most valves on the market. Materials: Carbon steel, 316 stainless steel. Connections: BSP thread, NPT thread, DIN flanges, ANSI flanges, SW welding, BW welding, Other connections on request. Flow: Hot water, steam, thermal oil. Pressure: The chambers are tested at a minimum of 10 bar pressure. All the valves are subjected to a new leakproofness test after the installation of the heating chamber.

Extensions for low temperature

Standard valves can work with normal levers up to -40ºC. From -40ºC Ex / B (-40ºC to -80ºC) and Ex / Cry (-80ºC to -196ºC) extensions must be used to separate the gland area from the “cold” area. The length varies according to the temperature and the DN of the valve, oscillating between 100 mm and 500 mm. The extension material is at least the same material as the body and complies with ISO 5211.

Locking by padlock

For security reasons, it may be that only a few people are authorized to handle the valves for this purpose, all valves can be supplied with a padlock, this being a standard execution in most of them. Apart from the design of fixation by padlock, other security alternatives can also be adapted at the request of the client.

Nuclear service

Persta Armaturen manufactures a wide variety of valves for the nuclear industry adapted to the needs of each client. Valve types: Globe valves with bellows, gate valves, check valves with piston, check valve check valve. Dimensions: From DN 15 to DN 800. Connections: DIN flanges, ANSI flanges, SW welding, BW soldering. Pressures: From PN 40 to PN 250. Maximum working temperature: 650ºC.

PTFE coating for third parties

We design and produce linings in PFA and PTFE from third-party products. For example: • Valve bodies • Pump bodies. • Special pieces. • Sampling systems. • Peepholes • Other products on request.

Double packing system

In some types of fluids, highly polluting or toxic, a guaranteed external sealing is required, for this we use the “double packing” system. This system consists of two independent closing groups, with an intermediate leak detector, which has been approved by the most demanding end customers, with tests of correct operation of up to 433,000 cycles.

Safety shields for CE approved industrial elements

Safety shields are used to prevent accidents with personnel and damage to equipment in the case of loss and dispersion of acids, caustics, chlorine and other dangerous compounds. They are used in connections (flanges, valves or expansion joints) in all types of industries, but especially in those where the safety of people, equipment and the environment is a priority. Available in PTFE, EPDM, PP, PE VINYL and AISI 316

Degreased valves and silicone-free valves

Degreased valves specially designed for O2 service and silicone free valves for services such as paint lines and other processes that require it. Both processes are performed through internal procedures and approved by end customers, with the aim of eliminating the existence of fats and silicone in each of the valve parts and in some cases, some instrumentation elements such as pressure gauges, transmitters or pressure switches. The process is carried out in “clean areas”, paying special attention to its components, handling, testing, drying and examination. Finally the product is labeled and hermetically packed to guarantee its correct delivery to the customer.
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