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Expoquimia a necessary meeting between suppliers and customers

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Expoquimia a necessary meeting between suppliers and clients


Expoquimia, the first major industrial fair this year in Europe

A step forward for face-to-face fairs

We were warned, we knew that the environment was not the most favorable but the good vaccination rate , the constant reduction in the rate of positives and, above all, the < strong> desire to meet , led an event that allowed partners and customers to meet, finally, for the sake of development, not being a resounding success, but a step forward , toward the long-awaited normality.

Our Stand in its assembly phase

Representatives of our brands serving visitors

The chemical sector, a basic sector in Spain and worldwide

Expoquimia has been a claim for all interested parties and participants in the chemical sector , its central axes; technological advances , the circular economy and the digitization of the chemical industry have served to provide answers to the challenges that tomorrow will bring us.

Despite the situation, we were pleasantly surprised by the presence of international clients , although the majority of visitors were national, brave, and we thank them for their presence. We are aware of the strict limitations imposed by companies and governments, so for all those who could not visit us, we give you a summary of what we present at our stand.

Alejandro Delgado and Fabio Bedognè offer a summary to a group of students of the IQS Ramon Llull

The GRM Stand

Our stand, and in what regards in person, focused mainly on valves and accessories

From BRAY , an American brand, we brought the butterfly lug valve, lined in ptfe, for toxic media, highly corrosive, acidic or ultrapure water. This came armed with a Scotch yoke actuator. A high performance butterfly valve and a segmented ball valve , a versatile valve that combines the cutting action of a knife gate valve, the control characteristics of a valve and the sealing performance of a ball valve.

Our visitors were able to see PTFE / PFA coated accessories from DIFLON , an Italian manufacturer, designed to work with highly corrosive media or food grade fluids. From DIFLON we exhibited a filter , a peephole , a segmented T and various accessories.


Our KITZ exhibitor, a pioneer manufacturer of ball valves in Spain, gathered several samples of stainless steel valves, the new ball valve DIN F14D, with seat Modified PTFE TFM 1600, which provides better performance and longer service life. The guided ball valve for high performance, a weldable reactor bottom flange valve , a floating ball valve PN40 / 63 and the 3-way DIN flange valve .


KTN , a Spanish brand with large stocks, brought with it a varied offer of products that make up its extensive catalog: our visitors were able to see the Teflon wafer butterfly valve for media corrosive; food / sanitary grade butterfly valve , electropolished stainless steel F316L, clamp ends; gate valve with stainless steel body ; pfa lined ball valve for corrosive media and feed; and covers for leak detectors and safety protectors .


This time we were able to present a wide variety of PENTA valves, metal-seated ball valves that offer a tight shut-off with an impressive temperature and pressure range. Among our examples were the AP63, their first valve to be produced . The new A600 with 3 pieces and free shaft . A compact special version of the WSS and the APT2 actuated , an advanced engineering proposal.


PERSTA , a German manufacturer, was our most demanding proposal in terms of engineering and high performance with regard to globe, gate and check valves . We present a weldable gate valve , half ton, DSK 26.25 with electric actuator and a weldable globe valve HD 2000.


Conclusion: A good opportunity to show our news

… and explain in detail the characteristics of our products

Our actuated PERSTA DSK26.25 valve captured the attention of our visitors

The GRM team attending the event participants

In conclusion, we are especially proud and satisfied to have participated in the first industrial fair at European level after the long pandemic, we also had the opportunity to present to our visitors a wide variety of products that correspond to the specific needs of the sector. Soon we will inform you of the new events that GRM will attend.

As a final point, we would thank our suppliers for their invaluable presence and support at Expoquimia2021,

  • BRAY Francesc Sonnenstein, Adrián Pérez
  • DIFLON Marco Lolli
  • KITZ Juan Carlos, Josep Segura
  • KTN Alejandro Delgado
  • PENTA Fabio Bedognè
  • PERSTA Clasen Norbert

Thank you! Without you it would not have been possible.

¡See you soon!


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