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General purchase conditions

I Acceptance of the order:
The Supplier will send a copy of the order duly confirmed as acceptance thereof within the following ten days at the date of issue. Once they have elapsed and without having been received by valves and instrumentation s.l, GRM., hereinafter GRM, will imply the unreserved acceptance of all the stipulations.
Any modification and innovation of the Supplier’s conditions of sale. Only the modifications that appear in a REVISION to this order will be considered valid.

II Plans and documentation
The Supplier must provide, if specified in the order, the plans that are necessary for approval, instruction and maintenance manuals, manufacturing certificates and/or or warranty, manufacturing parts and other information requested in the order and/or in the annexes or supplements. The preparation of this documentation will be done at the Supplier’s expense.

III Quality certificates
The original must be sent with the merchandise and forward a scanned copy to the address provided by the GRM agent.

IV Inspection
GRM reserves the right to inspect the material before shipment in the Supplier’s Workshops, and in those of its subcontractors. This inspection will not exempt the Supplier from its guarantees and responsibility to supply the material, in strict accordance with the specifications. GRM reserves the right to dispense with the factory inspection, without this meaning a waiver of its right to inspect the material at destination. If the material is rejected at destination, and even after its installation and commissioning, it will be returned to the Supplier for reimbursement or replacement free of charge for GRM. Discretionally, GRM may proceed with the necessary repairs and will pass the corresponding charge to the Provider.

V Cancellation
GRM may cancel the order at any time, totally or partially, just by notifying the Supplier in writing. Upon receipt of this communication, the Supplier will stop all work related to the order and will use all means at its disposal to cancel pending orders and subcontracts, in terms satisfactory to GRM.

VI Guarantee
The Supplier guarantees that all the materials or services supplied under this contract:
a) Strictly comply with the specifications, plans or other descriptions indicated by GRM.
b) Are free from defects, are of the specified material and have been designed and manufactured in accordance with GRM specifications.
c) They are new (they have not been used or reconditioned), marketable and suitable for their intended purpose.
d) The Supplier guarantees the material against all defects for a period of 3 years and the maintenance for 10 years of the relevant spare parts. In the case of a claim and if the problem manifests itself during the first 6 months from the delivery of the good, it is presumed that it is an original defect. If the problem manifests itself after 6 months, the manufacturer can demand that it be shown that the fault existed originally. The warranty protects against manufacturing defects.

The Supplier will be responsible for all direct or indirect damages caused by defects in the material supplied,
as well as all costs incurred by GRM and related to this contract.
/>The Supplier shall indemnify and hold GRM harmless from any third-party claim relating to damage caused by the supplied material.

VII Delivery of materials
All material must be delivered with a delivery note in triplicate indicating:
a) Date and number of our order.
b ) Nature of the merchandise delivered.
c) Number of packages and weight of each of them.
d) Code number per item indicated in our order.
e) Unit prices and totals, taxes and discounts.
f) The delivery note must be valued.

VIII Packaging
The material and/or equipment must be properly protected and packaged to avoid any damage, mainly in the machined and polished parts. GRM will not accept any charge for packaging, if it has not been specially agreed. The packaging must indicate on the outside the sender and the number of our order.

IX Penalty
If the order has not been fully completed on the delivery date, a penalty will be applied according to the order specification for each week or fraction thereof. delay, with a maximum according to specification in order. The order is considered completed on the date all the required material and documentation is received at destination.

The prices indicated are considered firm and not subject to change, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The price includes all types of packaging, transportation, insurance, etc. (VAT not included) so any surcharge for these concepts, not included in the order, will be paid by the Supplier.

XI Invoicing
The original of each invoice must be sent for each delivery note, indicating our references and order number. Deviations from the purchase order will not be accepted. Any possible deviation will be compensated with the subsequent credit note.
Furthermore, the invoices must indicate the same data that is required for the delivery notes. All invoices must be addressed to the Headquarters of this Company in Barcelona, ​​regardless of the place where the merchandise has been supplied.

XII Payment conditions
Bank transfer in accordance with the provisions of Law 3/2004 of December 29.

During the whole month of August our administration department will be closed. Please take this into account when invoicing and delivering the merchandise. All payments coinciding with the month of August will be made effective from September 10 to 15.

XIII Competent Courts
The mere fact of acceptance of our orders by our Suppliers implies, in case of litigation, submission to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid, with express waiver of the jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

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