Valves and systems for solids and powders
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Valves and systems for solids

and powders


Since its foundation in 1985, CO.RA. has developed a new system for pharmaceutical processes that guarantees high quality and respects the pharmacopoeia safety standards.

CHEMICAL industry

Design and manufacture innovative solutions adapted to the chemical industries of raw materials and the fine chemical industry.

FOOD industry

Customization and flexibility are the main feature of CO.RA. products, which can be adapted to different specific production needs.



The mission of CO.RA.® every day is to design and implement the best solution for each client; Produced in Italy and composed entirely of European raw materials, CO.RA® products offer a high level of quality and customization. However, the high priority in CO.RA® is to ensure an adequate level of “CROSS CONTAMINATION” [OEB = 4], that is, to achieve a safe isolation of the chemical from the outside, ensuring that it is not altered and protecting the operators of any harmful toxic component.


The nature of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry processes requires rapid assembly and disassembly in order to avoid contamination or generation of oxides in the product, due to this, CO.RA® products offer a series of customizable connections to adapt to the needs of each process, optimizing the system for cleaning without having to remove some valves.



CO.RA® also offers, in systems that require an extra degree of customization, an advisory and engineering service with displacement and a test white chamber in its technology and research center to reproduce and certify the proper functioning of its products.

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