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Compensators KTN

Compensators KTN

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The compensators or expansion joints are elements of fluid conduction of great responsibility, are responsible for compensating for variations in length and expansion in pipe systems that occur when there are misalignments, temperature differences or adjustments in the construction. Generally they transport all types of fluids; hot or cold water, gas, oil and other chemical products. Another usefulness of this device is to reduce the impact of vibrations in the circuit as it has the capacity to absorb the vibrations that arise from motors, turbines and compressors. The manufacture of our compensators is governed by European standards and design standards.

Metallic expansion compensators

They are characterized by having a metallic expansion joint, a corrugated metal bellows in an annular shape, welded and without seams, which can be constituted in several waves.

Rubber expansion compensators

Rubber expansion joints (or rubber expansion joints) are lighter in weight and provide greater flexibility and movement capability. Specially designed to absorb the impact of vibrations and compensate for system length variations.


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4 October, 2018

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