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Electronic positioner PRISMA Serie PST-2


PRISMA electronic positioner
Serie PST-2

Body: Aluminium. Control signal: 4-20 mA. Protection: IP-66.  Pneumatic connection: G1/4”. Circuit impedance: Max. 20mA. Funciones: PID, Autocalibration, Alarm. Options: HART Protocol, Feedback 4-20 mA, Eexi, Eexd.



Serie PST-2

PAW - PAWS1412467610523210855142
PA00 - PA00S1552468410524510855142
PA05 - PA05S20124610210526210855142
PA10 - PA10S22624610410526610855142
PA15 - PA15S26524611910528210855142
PA20 - PA20S31224612710529010855142
PA25 - PA25S35824615310531810855142
PA30 - PA30S42924616910533410855142
P40 - P40S44459824622610541510885142
P50 - P50S52469424625810545610885142
PA60 - PA60S67224633110551110885142
PA70 - PA70S74324640310557110885142


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