Standard spring-diaphragm pressure gauges for differential pressure
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Standard spring-diaphragm pressure gauges for differential pressure


Standard spring-diaphragm pressure gauges for differential pressure – overload protected

MF 100 Dif D401
Manómetros estándar de diafragma para presión diferencial


Direct indication of the differential pressure
High overload protection
Zero correction
With integrated pressure damping



For differential pressure measurement at low differential pressure and high static pressure. For non-corrosive gaseous and liquid media which are not highly viscous. Particularly suitable for monitoring
filters, pumps and pipe systems.


Technical specifications:

  • Type
    • MF 100 Dif D401
  • Nominal size
    • 100
  • Function
    • The pressures act on two pressure chambers
      separated by an elastic diaphragm. If there are
      different pressures in the chambers, the diaphragm
      is axially displaced against a compression
      spring. This is transmitted to the movement by
      means of a rod. The differential pressure is directly
      indicated by a pointer. The diaphragm is held by
      a metallic support which results in an overpressure
      safety of up to 25 bar at both sides.
  • Accuracy class (EN 837-3/6)
    • 2.5
  • Ranges (EN 837-3/5)
    • 0/250 mbar to 0/6 bar
  • Maximum static pressure
    • 25 bar
  • Overpressure safety
    • Up to 25 bar at both sides
  • Operating temperature range
    • Medium: Tmax = +60 °C
    • Ambient: Tmin = -20 °C
    • Tmax = +60 °C
  • Temperature performance
    • Indication error when the temperature of the
      measuring system deviates from the normal
      temperature of 20 °C:
      rising temperature approx. ±0.5 %/10 K
      falling temperature approx. ±0.5 %/10 K
      of full scale value
  • Degree of protection
    • IP 54 (EN 60529)


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