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Tecfluid Serie SC-250


Tecfluid Serie SC-250

Variable area flowmeter for liquids, gases and steam

Tecfluid Serie SC-250


  • Metallic or plastic tube with a robust construction
  • Indication by means of magnetic coupling
  • Scales calibrated in l/h, m3/h, kg/h, t/h, %, etc.
  • High performance measurement in extreme workingconditions and high resistance to corrosion
  • Low pressure drop
  • Fully hygienic design available
  • Damping mechanism to avoid float bounces in gas andsteam applications
  • Flow measurement in horizontal pipes with the model SC250H and in vertical pipes with downwards or upwards flow (to increase the flow capacity) with the model SC250V
  • Flow rate (model SC250):
    • Water: 2.5 l/h … 180 m3/h
    • Air: 75 Nl/h … 5400 Nm3/h
  • Accuracy: 2.5% (qG=50%) / 1.6% (qG=50%) on request
  • Connections:
    • Model SC250: DN15 … DN150
    • Models SC250H … V / SM250: DN15 … DN80
    • EN 1092-1 or ANSI flanges. Other flange standards on request (JIS,…)
    • Threaded connections BSP or NPT
    • Sanitary connections according to ISO 2852, SMS 1145, DIN 11851, TRI-CLAMP®
  • Materials: EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L), PVC, PP, PTFE,Titanium, Hastelloy
  • Local indication
  • Options:
    • 1 or 2 limit switches
    • Electronic transmitter with 4-20 mA analog output for safe or hazardous area (Ex ia IIC T4 or T6 protection, ATEX certified). HART protocol available on request
    • Local volume totalizer. Remote volume totalizer by means of pulse output (not available for Ex transmitters)


Working principle

Flowmeters based in the variable area principle. audalímetros basados en el principio de área variable. The metering system consists on a calibrated orifice and a conical float. The force from the fluid, as it flows from the bottom to the top, displaces the float until it reaches an equilibrium point that is a function of: – E = force of the fluid flow – Pf = weight of the float – Al = free area of flow (Al = Ao, calibrated orifice area, – Af, float area) Each float position represents an area between the float and the orifice. This area corresponds to a flow rate.

Tecfluid Serie SC-250


  • Water treatment plants, pulp & paper and food industry
  • Pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Power plants and nuclear generating plants
  • Heating and cooling circuits
  • Saturated steam circuits
  • Oven treatments and control of gas burners


  • SC250 upwards flow direction
  • SC250H horizontal flow direction
  • SC250V downwards flow direction or upwards flow direction with increased flow capacity
  • SM250 for fluids with high viscosity



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