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Tecfluid PR Series


Tecfluid PR Series

By-pass flowmeter for liquids, gases and steam

Tecfluid PR Series



  • By-pass flowmeter with orifice plate (compact system PRCand separate system PR) for big flow ranges
  • Flow indication by means of by-pass flowmeter
  • Scales calibrated in l/h, m3/h, kg/h, %, etc.
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal pipe
  • Minimum straight pipe run required of 10 x DN and 7 x DN before and after the orifice plate
  • Suitable for flow measurement of liquids, gases and steam
  • Flow rate: 2 … 20000 m3/h water
  • Accuracy: ±4% f.s.
  • Connections:
    • Orifice plates DN50 … DN1000 Pressure inlets: ¾” BSP
    • By-pass flowmeters:
      • Model 6001/PR: ¾” BSP thread
      • Model 6002/PR: EN 1092-1 DN20 flange
      • Model SC250/PR: EN 1092-1 DN15 flange
      • Model PS31/PR: ¾” BSP thread or solvent weld socket DN20/25E
  • Materials: plastic coated steel, EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L),PVC, PP
  • Local indication
  • Options:
    • 1 or 2 limit switches
    • Model PR25 / PR31 / PRC31: electronic transmitter with 4-20 mA analog output for safe or hazardous area (Ex ia IIC T4 or T6 protection, ATEX certified). HART protocol available on request
    • Model PR25: Local volume totalizer. Remote volume totalizer by means of pulse output (not available for Ex transmitters)

Tecfluid PR Series

Working principle

By means of variable differential pressure according to flow rate, obtained thanks to an orifice plate with constant section.An orifice plate mounted in a pipe where fluid flows causes a differential pressure that changes according to a square function of the flow rate. A small section circuit with a flowmeter is connected to the pressure inlets of the orifice plate. The differential pressure makes the fluid flow by this circuit, so the flowmeter provides a local indication of the main pipe flow rate.


  • Fire protection systems and cooling circuits
  • Natural gas installations
  • Desalination plants and process industry
  • Checking of flow rate in pumps


Separate system: The orifice plate and its carrier assembly are separate from the by-pass flowmeter. The union between both devices is made on site by means of pipe of 15/20 mm of diameter, connecting the positive pressure (+) of the orifice plate to the inlet (lower connector) of the by-pass flowmeter and the negative pressure (-) of the orifice plate to the outlet (upper connector) of the by-pass flowmeter:

  • PR61by-pass flowmeter model 6001/PR
  • PR62by-pass flowmeter model 6002/PR
  • PR31by-pass flowmeter model PS31/PR
  • PR25by-pass flowmeter model SC250/PR

For more info regarding the by-pass flowmeters, please refer to series PT/PS, 6000 and SC250 datasheets. Compact system: The orifice plate and its carrier assembly are mounted together with the by-pass flowmeter:

  • PRC61 by-pass flowmeter model 6001/PR
  • PRC31by-pass flowmeter model PS31/PR


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