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Tecfluid FLOMID Series


Tecfluid FLOMID Series

Electromagnetic flowmeter for conductive liquids

Tecfluid FLOMID Series

Suitable for flow measurement of liquids with conductivity higher than 20 uS/cm. Measuring range: 10 l/h … 7000 m3/h H2O.  Accuracy: +-0,5%. Connections: DN3 … DN500, others on request, DIN or ANSI flanges, Between flanges DIN or ANSI flanges, Sanitary connection, Others on request. Materials:  Body: EN 1.4404 (SS 316L) Liner: PP, PVDF, Ebonite & PTFE.  Electrode: Hastelloy C, EN 1.4404, Zr, Ti and Tantalum. Output: 4-20 mA / 0 … 1000 Hz,  Totalizer,  Flow indication, Batching. Options: High pressure design on request (only for flange connection), Other flange standard on request.  HART ™ protocol on request.

Working principle

The measurement principle is based on Faraday`s induction law. A voltage V is induced between a pair of electrodes when a conductive liquid flows in a pipe of diameter D at an average velocity vm, through a magnetic field B (which is perpendicular to the flow direction). This voltage, proportional to the average velocity of the liquid, is acquired by the electronic converter in order to be processed and converted to a flow rate measurement. V = B · vm · D V = Voltage across the electrodes vm = Liquid velocity B = Magnetic field strength D = Pipe diameter

Tecfluid FLOMID Series


  • Cooling-heating circuits & water treatment plants
  • Food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries
  • Petrochemical industry and offshore platforms
  • Paper industry and fertilizer plants
  • Car industry and machinery testing


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