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Tecfluid CU Series


Tecfluid CU Series

Non-invasive CLAMP-ON flowmeter for liquids

Tecfluid CU Series



Water treatment and distribution, pharmaceutical, chemical and paper industry. Heating-cooling circuits, swimming pools and irrigation systems, fire protection installation, automotive industry and energy plants. Suitable for flow measurement of liquids such as sea water, kerosene, gas-oil, petrol, oils. Flow speed range: 0,2 … 12 m/s.  Accuracy:  +-1,5%. Diameters: DN80 … DN2000.  Transducers ingress protection: IP65. Converter ingress protection: IP65. Liquid temperature range: 0 … +80ºC. Power supply: 90 … 260 VAC 50 / 60 Hz. Power consumption:  < 5 W. Output: Flow and speed indication, Programmable analog output 4-20 mA proportional to flow rate, Volume totalizer, 2 programmable outputs for flow alarms.

Working principle

The flowmeter model CU100 is an electronic device based on the transmission of ultrasonic signals through a pipe where liquid flows. This working principle is called “transit time”. Two ultrasonic transducers, acting alternately as transmitter-receiver and properly installed on a pipe, send an ultrasonic signal, first in one direction (A→B) , then in reverse (B→A). A digital processor measures both transit times. When flow rate is zero, these times (A→B and B→A) are the same, but when there is a flow at a specific speed, the times for coming and going are different (A→B decreases, while B→A increases). The difference between these times is proportional to liquid speed inside the pipe. An electronic circuit based on digital signal processing converts this difference in transit time into a flow rate value.

Tecfluid CU Series



  • Water treatment and distribution
  • Food, pharmaceutical, chemical and paper industry
  • Cooling-heating circuits
  • Pools and irrigation systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Automotive industry
  • Power plants


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