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In our selection of valve accessories you can find:
Filters, consist of a body with two entries for the fluid and a mesh inside, are responsible for retaining those particles that could damage the equipment or adulterate the product.
Compensators, absorb the stress generated by the fluid pressure, providing a long resistance to aging. Rubber or metal compounds for high pressures and temperatures.
Sightglasses, operative up to 200ºC and composed of glass with thermal treatment. They allow a clear visualization of the product.
Our range of sealing gaskets and plates for non-metallic, spiral-metal and metal-plastic sealing.


The pipeline is responsible for transporting all fluids from the facilities through the valves, instrumentation and different devices. The composition of the material that make up the pipes will vary depending on the fluid transported, the shape of these will also adapt to the nature of the circuit, bifurcating, curving, narrowing. Our pipe section is divided into tubes, flexible metal tubes and fittings (flanges and elbows).