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Teflon lined pipes

Teflon-coated pipes, DIN / ANSI measurements, made with a cutting-edge machining process that ensures that the couplings are parallel, the thickness of PTFE constant and its total adhesion. In this way, PTFE, even after years of useful life, is not subject to any tension at all. The flanges, one free and the other fixed, contribute to the easy installation of all Diflon tubes and accessories. Standard thicknesses ranging from a minimum of 3 mm to a maximum of 7 mm, these thicknesses, in addition to allowing vacuum service, are among the highest in the PTFE coated pipe market. We offer a wide range of products, which is not limited to straight PTFElined pipes and fittings, but also includes everything related to the installation (gaskets, bellows, hoses, pressure connections, sensors, tanks, columns, etc.). )..

PTFE coating for third parties

We design and produce linings in PFA and PTFE from third-party products. For example:

• Valve bodies
• Pump bodies.
• Special pieces.
• Sampling systems.
• Peepholes
• Other products on request.

Lining of tanks with PTFE

Coating of columns, tanks and special pieces in PTFE, PFA and ETFE. All metal parts are made in our workshops and, if estimated, with certification in accordance with directive 97/23 / CE. The thickness of the PTFE can vary from 3 to 5 mmm on request.